Full Name

Cora Cooper-Hunter

Also Known As

No information






No information


Ruby Cooper


Jamie Hunter (husband)


No information

First Appearance

No information

Latest Appearance

No information

Cora Cooper-Hunter is the older sister of Ruby Cooper, and married to Jamie Hunter. She now has a pug named Roscoe. She and Jamie take in Ruby after their mother abandons Ruby and is discovered living alone in her mother's apartment. She left home at 18 when she left for college, and met her husband Jamie there. Because of her mother's attempts to keep Ruby and Cora away from each other, they do not see each other between the period when Cora leaves for college until Ruby starts to live with Cora when she is 17. She studied law during college and is a lawyer. Despite coming from a family that was poor and had no college graduates, she saved enough money during her senior year of high school to be able to go to college, and now she and her husband have good jobs and are wealthy. Cora loves Ruby very much and is protective of her. She tells her mother when she leaves for college that if she ever found out she hit Ruby she would call the police, and that she was taking Ruby away from her the first chance she got. This may have been a reason why her mother worked so hard to keep Ruby away from her so she would not lose Ruby as well as Cora.

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