Full Name

Remy Starr

Also Known As

No information


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Receptionist at Joie Salon


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Barbra Starr (mother) Chris Starr (brother) Don (ex-stepfather)


Dexter (boyfriend)


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First Appearance

This Lullaby

Latest Appearance

No information

Remy is the protagonist of This Lullaby and is cool, calm, and cynical. After seeing her mother's failed marriages, she proclaims that she doesn't believe in love. She believes that she has the upper hand in all of her relationships. Remy is named after an expensive brand of cognac that her mother saw in Harper's Bazaar. She is emotionally scarred by her past, as her father - whom she never knew - wrote her the song "This Lullaby" the day she was born, and then left soon after. The song becomes a one-hit wonder, and Remy constantly hears it in her life. She claims to have relationships all figured out, in logical, mathematical terms. She used to be known for sleeping around and partying.