The following are a combination of locations, items, and so on that are mentioned throughout Sarah Dessen's novels. Note that some things may not have been mentioned again yet.

Cities Edit

Lakeview Edit

Colby Edit

Residential Areas Edit

The Arbors Edit

Wildflower Ridge Edit

Schools Edit

Perkins Day Edit

Jackson High Edit

East U Edit

Restaurants Edit

The World of Waffles Edit

The Last Chance Cafe Edit

Jump Java Edit

Entertainment Edit

Truth SquadEdit

Spinnerbait Edit

Boo Connell's mother-daughter class Edit

Lorna McPhail Edit

The Choice Edit

Anger Management Edit

The Lamont Whipper Show Edit

Medical&Rehab Facilities Edit

Evergreen Care Center Edit

Lincoln Correctional Edit

Businesses Edit

Clementine's Edit

Quick Zip Edit

Lakeview Mall Edit

Bendo Edit

Colby Realty Edit

Park Mart Edit

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